Monday, 8 December 2014

Why do people keep saying the new jag looks like a Audi

Now if you have been following the tumultuous journey of Jaguar it has gone from taken fords and re-engineering them into old fashioned looking unreliable cars to making cool chic and modern cars good enough to give BMW, Audi and Mercedes a run for there money. See now the latest car from Jaguar is properly the most important car from Jaguar in years it really does determine weather Jaguar can take on the Germans this new car is of course the XE. Jaguar's rival to the 3 series, A4 and C-class and to be honest I think it has quite a good chance its good looking technically advanced and it showcases JLR's new ingenium engine range but the one problem that I have with the XE is that I am fed up off people saying that it looks like a Audi it doesn't look like a Audi so if people could stop saying that it does it would be great.
Jaguar XE looking like a jag not an Audi
An Audi minding its business

Sunday, 22 June 2014

I should be more patient

Many a time on this blog I have criticized MG for the way they are running there business in the UK but maybe I was wrong maybe they do no what they are doing and maybe I shouldn't be so impatient the reason for all this confession is MG showed at there 90th birthday party at Silverstone a concept and unlike every other concept they have shown so far it was not a small electric car or a SUV or and ford focus rival it was in fact exactly what I was begging for it was a performance orientated version of the MG3 called the MG3 trophy and it demonstrates the technical expertise of the engineering team at Longbridge as well as showing the potential of the MG3 platform while maintaining the racing traditions of MG.

Developed in just four months by a team of seven engineers in Birmingham, the car has undergone a full race lightening programme while ensuring the car’s structural stiffness is retained.. It is fitted with no backseats but it does come with a turbo charged version of the standard cars 1.5 engine which now in this car produces a whopping 201 BHP and 192ft lbs of torque to keep this bundle of fun under control it is fitted with disk brakes all round a full MSA-approved roll cage, race seats and five-point race harnesses.The 3 Trophy boasts forged pistons, a larger turbo and as well as a similarly large intercooler to insure the Trophy does not suffer from any form of lag. Induction is assisted thanks to the fitment of a high-flow air-intake, while the cylinder head has been polished to insure free air flow. As well as modifications to the air intake, the exhaust has also been upgraded, with the 3 Trophy being fitted with a custom Janspeed system.As well as the increase in power, the 3 Trophy has gained a race clutch, a limited slip differential, fully adjustable MacPherson strut front suspension and a bespoke rear anti-roll bar
So well done MG and thank you. 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

MG survey

If you got a spare few minutes i am sure you wouldn't mind filling out my MG survey it would really help me with my design project and help me gauge all you guys opinions. So if you could that little thing for me that would be great thanks. just click here for it.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Modern MGB

Just finished my modern interpretation of the original MGB Sebring in British racing green and orange I did mess up the colour a bit but other than that I am happy with it so tell me what you think in the comments and thank you to all the people who read my blog almost hit 1000 views.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

What do you think

just wondering what you think of my MG2 Midget before I do my final sketch. The MG2 which as you might have guessed is a modern interpretation of the original Midget from the 60s and 70s it runs on the same wheelbase but is slightly shorter overall. So what do you think tell me in the comments.

What I have been up to

First things first I have been doing a lot of MG work I have come up with a model plan I have been working on my MG 5Z and a convertible and a coupe so busy, busy, busy.
Right so here is more detail on what I am calling the MG 10 model plan which hopefully would launch MG straight into the middle of the premium market dominated by Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz so here's what it looks like.

MG1 Small city car in the A-segment
MG2 midget small roadster/coupé

MG3 Hatchback B-segment
MG4 Extreme rally/road car version of  MG3

MG5 Hatchback C-segment
MG6 Coupé based on MG5

MG7 Hatchback/saloon D-segment
MG8 Coupé/roadster

MG10 Mid engine supercar

Apart from all that I also did some drawing pictures are below.


MG6 Z coupe

Sunday, 25 May 2014


Sorry it has been so long since I posted anything I have just been so busy I have been working on some really big stuff like this based on the MG 6 and sharing its wheelbase but with a bit more sporty and striking style for this style I took a lot of inspiration from big powerful American muscle cars I wanted the car to look like a coiled snake all that power held in side looking like it could pounce at any moment. While I was designing the car I thought I would address some of the drawbacks of the donor car the MG 6 one criticism's often aimed at the 6 is its segment busting size it is to large to take on the Astra, Focus and Megane segment but to small to take on the Mondeo and Insignia so the first thing I did was to shorten it so it could directly take on the C segment. Then came the matter of pricing see I would like MG to be like Audi offering everything from a small city car to a fully-fledged V10 supercar so I thought were should place it in the market so I came up with its top models giving BMW, Mercedes and Audi what for and at the same time it would give the top model focus and Astra a good kicking. The main competitors to this car would probably be the BMW 1 series, Mercedes a class, Audi A3, VW golf, Vauxhall Astra, Ford Focus and the Renault Megane.
So I give you the MG 5Z