Sunday, 25 May 2014


Sorry it has been so long since I posted anything I have just been so busy I have been working on some really big stuff like this based on the MG 6 and sharing its wheelbase but with a bit more sporty and striking style for this style I took a lot of inspiration from big powerful American muscle cars I wanted the car to look like a coiled snake all that power held in side looking like it could pounce at any moment. While I was designing the car I thought I would address some of the drawbacks of the donor car the MG 6 one criticism's often aimed at the 6 is its segment busting size it is to large to take on the Astra, Focus and Megane segment but to small to take on the Mondeo and Insignia so the first thing I did was to shorten it so it could directly take on the C segment. Then came the matter of pricing see I would like MG to be like Audi offering everything from a small city car to a fully-fledged V10 supercar so I thought were should place it in the market so I came up with its top models giving BMW, Mercedes and Audi what for and at the same time it would give the top model focus and Astra a good kicking. The main competitors to this car would probably be the BMW 1 series, Mercedes a class, Audi A3, VW golf, Vauxhall Astra, Ford Focus and the Renault Megane.
So I give you the MG 5Z

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