Sunday, 22 June 2014

I should be more patient

Many a time on this blog I have criticized MG for the way they are running there business in the UK but maybe I was wrong maybe they do no what they are doing and maybe I shouldn't be so impatient the reason for all this confession is MG showed at there 90th birthday party at Silverstone a concept and unlike every other concept they have shown so far it was not a small electric car or a SUV or and ford focus rival it was in fact exactly what I was begging for it was a performance orientated version of the MG3 called the MG3 trophy and it demonstrates the technical expertise of the engineering team at Longbridge as well as showing the potential of the MG3 platform while maintaining the racing traditions of MG.

Developed in just four months by a team of seven engineers in Birmingham, the car has undergone a full race lightening programme while ensuring the car’s structural stiffness is retained.. It is fitted with no backseats but it does come with a turbo charged version of the standard cars 1.5 engine which now in this car produces a whopping 201 BHP and 192ft lbs of torque to keep this bundle of fun under control it is fitted with disk brakes all round a full MSA-approved roll cage, race seats and five-point race harnesses.The 3 Trophy boasts forged pistons, a larger turbo and as well as a similarly large intercooler to insure the Trophy does not suffer from any form of lag. Induction is assisted thanks to the fitment of a high-flow air-intake, while the cylinder head has been polished to insure free air flow. As well as modifications to the air intake, the exhaust has also been upgraded, with the 3 Trophy being fitted with a custom Janspeed system.As well as the increase in power, the 3 Trophy has gained a race clutch, a limited slip differential, fully adjustable MacPherson strut front suspension and a bespoke rear anti-roll bar
So well done MG and thank you. 

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