Monday, 8 December 2014

Why do people keep saying the new jag looks like a Audi

Now if you have been following the tumultuous journey of Jaguar it has gone from taken fords and re-engineering them into old fashioned looking unreliable cars to making cool chic and modern cars good enough to give BMW, Audi and Mercedes a run for there money. See now the latest car from Jaguar is properly the most important car from Jaguar in years it really does determine weather Jaguar can take on the Germans this new car is of course the XE. Jaguar's rival to the 3 series, A4 and C-class and to be honest I think it has quite a good chance its good looking technically advanced and it showcases JLR's new ingenium engine range but the one problem that I have with the XE is that I am fed up off people saying that it looks like a Audi it doesn't look like a Audi so if people could stop saying that it does it would be great.
Jaguar XE looking like a jag not an Audi
An Audi minding its business

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